The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 69 – 08.11.18


Along with BRAND-NEW REGGAE tracks never before featured on the DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM, tonight’s playlist will feature a sprinkling of artists from the OUTSIDE LANDS MUSIC FESTIVAL taking place in GOLDEN GATE PARK this weekend.

On last week’s broadcast of the DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM, we turned the mic over to our own personal self-help-guru, MISS GINA – EMPRESS OF LIGHT and POSITIVITY. She graciously discussed her journey through ALS, her ability to stay positive through incredible adversity and keep her sense of humor. We’re honored to have her back again this week. She’ll attempt to set your HUMBLE SELEKTAH on his own humble little path of positivity and light….he’s clearly got some work to do.

As reflected in the image below (created by @dennystocke), your HUMBLE SELEKTAH has a slightly more aggressive approach to conquering the adversity we face. Sometimes, adversity is self-inflicted, with that silly little voice inside us that tells us we can’t succeed. We can be our own worst enemies at times with the inner-dialogue pointing out every short-coming. In comparing MISS GINA and your HUMBLE SELEKTAH, their approach could not be more different. We think the contrast makes for some good conversation and at the very least, some good radio!! A happy medium will be found between these (2) eccentric personalities. Tune in to another special edition of the DUBPLATE SOUNDYSTEM, as we chit-chat, listen to music, have a snack and beverage and hangout in the living room of STUDIO 1A.


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Join us tonight from 6pm – 8pm (PST) in STUDIO 1A exclusively on San Francisco’s legendary outlaw radio station 

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