The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 72 – 09.22.18


Another beautiful Saturday night is upon us. We’ll once again be graced by our in-house EMPRESS OF LIGHT & POSITIVITY – MISS GINA, and of course, her sidekick in training, your HUMBLE SELEKTAH.

Over the last handful of broadcasts, your HUMBLE SELEKTAH has been without his brother of the airwaves, the one with a voice like crisp buttery biscuits, the artist known simply as PORK CHOP. He’ll be back soon enough to stupefy and amaze us with his greatness. Fortunately, filling the incredible void has been our EMPRESS with a heart of gold, MISS GINA.

Your HUMBLE SELEKTAH has wholeheartedly enjoyed dusting-off, sifting-through and tapping-into the endless well of music that runneth over in the DUBPLATE SOUNDYSTEM archives. The all-over-the-place topics of conversation, homemade empanadas, beverage list and ever-changing musical genres, have been a great ride as well. We hope you all agree cuz we’re gonna keep it rockin’ from week-to-week with whatever strikes our interest…..STAY TUNED!!

Join us tonight from 6pm – 8pm (PST) in STUDIO 1A exclusively on San Francisco’s legendary outlaw radio station 

If you miss our live show just follow the link below to our archives – download our show, take a break from the rat race and listen to hours of the best music available!!!! You can friend HUMBLE SELEKTAH or like the DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM page on Facebook. Follow humble_selektah on Instagram.



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