dc1That’s right make room for The John Miller Program, It’s #1 in Comedy programming on FCCFREE RADIO! So you know John won’t let go of this, so he has brought in Rachel Gill to hold up the co-host seat. Rachel is one of the funniest comics in the bay. She has took it by storm! One thing John learned from Alex Bennett is that your guests will make you look good, so book big names and let the guests do the talking! This week we have Mo Mandel. Mo has a Comedy Central special and is a regular on the Chelsea Lately Show on “E”. Next up John books from the old days of webcasting and one of John’s first comic guests, Steve Caminiti has been doing the JMP for over 14 years! He has more credits in comedy that have kept him very busy as touring comic for over 20 years along with TV and film when he has the time. Next and not least, we come back to San Francisco and bring to the JMP for the first time, Aly Jones! She says weird things to strangers and hopes to get their approval in the form of laughter. She also knows an uncomfortable amount of information about Pokemon for a grown woman. As a child, her parents hoped she would grow up to be a doctor or the president, and you can see how that turned out. She has had the stage at the world famous Purple Onion along with other stages in the bay. So make sure to tune in to “The Longest Running Podcast” at 6 PM PST in the world famous “Studio 2B” on FCCFREERADIO.com to keep the program #1 in comedy programming. The podcast below is last weeks till 8:00 PM PST when the new podcast posts.

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