The John Miller Program goes retro starting this Saturday night.  Over the years John has learned a few things about what makes a good radio program. LIVE Music, good phone, sex and comedy!

John will have Chantel Williams co-hosting the new format along with Rob Davis sitting in the third chair.

On the show will be musical guest Melted Horses playing live in studio! On the phone from LA we have Bronston Jones and Phil Perrier. Phil writes for Jay Leno and long time friend of John and the program. In studio we have Tony Sparks and John Brown holding up the comedy side. To round out the program we have Davina Darling… She will tell us why… she likes wearing diapers. This all starts at 8 PM PST in Studio 1A Saturday night only on FFR!

Just in Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom will be on the program… This should be a lawsuit in the making..

The John Miller Program with the Late Night Players

Saturday nights at 8:00 PM till 12:00 AM


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