The John Miller Program w/ Susan Maletta from 2008 Tuesday 6:PM Studio 1A!

Mom and Dad of Bay Area Comics

FCCFREE RADIO are playing great archived programming of the JMP for the next month on Tuesday 6:PM and Sunday at 4:PM in advance of FCCFREE RADIO’s 12th Anniversary. There will be two LIVE shows on Sunday March 1st 4:PM with Susan Maletta and Tuesday March 3rd 6:PM with Ashly Russell. Both shows will be packed with passed guests!! Its started in from my bedroom with 3 laptops and one transmitter and has grown up what I have today.. 12 years of living the dream I call The John Miller Program and owning a radio station!!

Susan Maletta and myself John Miller broadcast live for the stations first time with a studio at 5th and Clara St in San Francisco SOMA District and we were at Pittsburgh’s Bar on Judah St in the Sunset District of San Francisco just a block from Ocean Beach. where the transmitter was on my roof!!… We booked 200+ guests in a year, and if you were a comic on Sunday, if you did not go to the PunchLine where Molly would not pick you for months to get 5 minutes which took years for some, you could come and hangout with John and Susan and if you were funny and we had spots we would call you up in less time and we would give you at least 10 minutes!!

Myself and Susan were called the King and Queen of the comics AKA: Mom and Dad.. Some would see us fighting and say “Mom and Dad are fighting again”! This is one of the Best of The John Miller Program archived off a server I have had for a very long time and I was doing a backup and found this gem from 2008.

This show was recorded at the new studio I built for Pirate Cat Radio at 21st and Florida St in the Mission District of San Francisco. We had 3 comics that got picked this night we called it “Cattle Call” , Deb Campo, Joe Nguyen and Adam McLaughin.

Also on the program booked was three regulars,

From The Jay Leno Show and she did the bit  “Phony Phone Booth”. It was one of Jay’s favorite bits ever on his show, she also stared in a hit TV show that she wrote on the Oxygen Network for 4 seasons “Girls Behaving Badly”  Kira Soltanovich

Next was a good friend and writer of both The Jay Leno Show and The David Letterman Show monologues for years the a writer to the stars , Craig Ferguson and George Lopez, and then  The Arsenio Hall Show called him, some might say his writing controlled late night programming for TV for many years. Myself and Phil worked together to still have a radio show after both of us got let go from terrestrial radio, he wrote most of the small bits you heard on All Comedy Radio….  Phil Perrier.

Next and not least my good friend and big fan of The John Miller Program and was one of my first guests in the late 90’s, when I was just a guy just a webcasting from a garage in Pittsburgh California wanting to be a big radio star! He wrote the hit show on FOX “Titus”. Then writes himself into the show as Titus’ brother . He also writes for Ron White for over 20 years and his own stand up…and said this about the JMP, “Comedy Radio the way it used to be, Funniest radio program I have been on in 18 years of comedy, Robert Hawkins.

This was one of the best shows I think I have done personally and I have done over 2000 +podcast/terrestrial radio shows. in my 25 years of broadcasting.. I hope you like it as much as I do..

Remember this is broadcasting on Tuesday at 6:00 PM from the #johnmillerstudios AKA: Studio 1A!!


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