The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta 2008

Well its time to do something with this show, so you will get classic John Miller Program till I decide to come back and do the show on the weekly! But till then with over 20+ years of Webcasting/Podcasting and Terrestrial Radio there are hard drives full of classic JMP.

This episode was recorded at Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM in San Francisco 2008. We were also on the air in Los Angeles California and at 104.8 in Berlin Germany. On this program myself and Susan Maletta hosted, Kato Kaelin, from OJ Simpsons guest house and Jeremy Brigham from the Oakland Raiders. They were promoting a TV Sports Show that was on here in the bay. This will start 6:00 PM Tuesday in the World Famous John Miller Studios  AKA: Studio 1A. This is the first time played to the public…sense it was LIVE!!

Happy New Years to all…….


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