Do you guys remember a little band named KISS from a long time ago? I don’t either, but I had a crush on this kid in school when I was in the fourth grade and he had this huge KISS belt buckle. (Since then, I learned from John that nowadays if you see a KISS belt buckle, it’s actually a dead dick’s tombstone.) Anyway,.. they had this dude in the band named Ace Frehley. He was the one with the big ole’ star on his face. So yeah.. lots of people used to go crazy for Ace, so of course, he had to have a bodyguard, and his name is Christopher Mcnamara. And he’s going to be on our show tomorrow! I’m hoping we’re going to find out some juicy, behind the scenes information on KISS! (Lord knows, I only really care about learning about Gene Simmons’ tongue).

We also welcome back to the show the wacky and wonderful Barry Piotrkowski! Barry considers himself a drug that you wanna try, can’t get, and ‘aint never gonna find…and if you need to know anything else, just know he RUNS SHIT! And he has a BONER!! Barry produces and hosts the famous Bacon Room at the Lariat in Belmont, California. Every Wednesday, his rambunctious Hump Day Comedy Showcase is a wild place to go party, eat bacon, and enjoy mystery shots. I am proud to call this my “home room” to go hang out and work out my new jokes. Barry also produces and hosts a new comedy showcase at St. James Gate in Belmont. By the way, when Barry arrives on our radio show, there is no way I will correctly pronounce his last name. Know that in advance.

ALSO! Don’t miss out on our weekly good times with JESUS in the studio! Jesus “Rob E. Danger”!

Tune in!

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