I smell something. Is it romance? Romance is in the air! Wait a minute, that’s not romance. It’s loneliness. Mixed with a touch of horniness. And a slight hint of desperation. NO WAIT! It’s just weed smoke, nevermind. This week we bring you the Valentine’s Day Edition of the John Miller Program. And in so doing, we bring you several comedians that will remind you why you are not the only one who is single! Be still my beating fart! Fall in love with the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta all over again.

Phil Perrier is a hilarious national touring stand-up comedian and writer for the Jay Leno show as well as the George Lopez show. (Not to mention a regular on the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta!) He started with All Comedy Radio in the spring of 2003 and was syndicated on 37+ stations in the United States, 23+ stations in Canada, and one station in South Africa. He is best known for the Hollywood Report “Limited Access”, Recurring Sketches: “Interview with a Dead Guy”, “Celebrity Sodium Pentothal”, “Wisdom of the Ages, with Ceepak Okra”, and “Oblivious Witness to History”. In 1990, Phil started writing jokes for Jay Leno & “The Tonight Show” and still to this day writes for Jay.

Also stay tuned for the ever-so-talented and wonderful David Hawkins! He runs the ever-so-popular Blue Room (uncensored comedy show) at Club 93 in San Francisco every Tuesday night.

Also making their debut on the show tonight, we bring you Dan Allenderwest, Dash Kwiatkowski, and Keith DeSousa.

Listen to the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta this Saturday night from 8 pm to 11 pm!

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