This week on the John Miller Program…

Chantel Williams started her life of comedy in the back of Buick; just about the time her family travelled across America to move to the great state of Oregon. Always witty and always astute, this young girl turned from street kid to non-famous blogger in a mere 27 years. Mediocre grades in high-school left her with no choice other than to marry her drug dealer boyfriend and shun her small town “Birthplace of U-Haul” for a slightly bigger town across the freeway. In that five years of her life there she gave birth to two ungrateful children, worked in a bowling alley, and drove a 1972 Camaro.It wasn’t long after another failed relationship that Chantel set her sights on the big city of Vancouver, Washington.

It was there that she found her greatest love; drinking red wine alone and in the dark. She moved on quickly from Vancouver to Portland, Oregon where public transportation is a plenty for drunks and where her unfulfilling writing career began. As a writer, she had an unfamous blog where many tens of readers came each day to track her daily drink and pill count. After her mother’s death, Chantel wrote a novel that is still yet unpublished due to its horrific writing and cruel unwarranted rants on racism and gender. A little skill she picked up in the Liberal University she didn’t graduate from. After Chantel’s children came of age she quickly kicked them out of the house and moved to San Francisco with her unemployed boyfriend and needy dog. She found there was never a city in the world as welcome to a racist Liberal as San Francisco. There she started a comedy club so her boyfriend would have legitimate excuses not to do the dishes and she could watch as others climbed ahead of her for fame and fortune. Oh life you cruel bitch!

Dr. Brian King is a psychologist specializing in Human Sexuality, which always makes for some hilarious and sizzling conversation! Dr Brian has led many research projects, written papers, and presented at national conferences regarding his research on s-e-x. Hell, they even let him teach college a few times. He is not a therapist or counselor, but he is an opinionated smart-ass with regular access to a computer. He is also a fan of hip-hop, vodka martinis, and girls that wear skirts in the winter. Oh, and comedy. Dr Brian likes to think he’s a comedian. Dr. Brian also produces the wildly popular Wharf Room Comedy Stand-Up Showcase at Castagnola’s in San Francisco.

The ever so raunchy, sometimes offensive, yet delightfully half-naked… Ricky Luna is back to see us! He’s a wild and crazy gay from San Francisco and ready and willing to say just about anything and do just about everything! With just about anybody!! HEY-o! I think he’s a joy. Almond Joy. Cuz he’s got nuts!!!

Tony Sparks, known to all in the SF area as the “Father of SF Comedy”, is one of the nicest and funniest comedians you can meet. He’s also one of the best comedy hosts you could be entertained by. Wonderfully supportive to comics of all levels (newbies to veterans), he helps make stage time available to anyone who wants it. He hosts a hugely popular open mic in the SF bay area, the famed Brain Wash Café in San Francisco. This is where NO ONE gets turned down for stage time. Tony enlists the entire audience, every week, to welcome every new comedian with “A Lot of Love!!!” What? “A LOT OF LOVE!!!!!!” Tony Sparks can also be found performing comedy and hosting shows all over the place, and he produces, promotes, and/or hosts several shows. Check him out Sugaboo…

Like a virgin, touched for the fifty-third time. professional comedian and muckraker Nate Blanchard will also be joining us! He’s been rising fast in the Bay Area comedy scene winning fans from the queerest to the straightest clubs.

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