It’s been a week. Have ya lost any weight? Did ya quit the booze? Did ya drop dem nasty cigarettes? Are ya workin’ out? No? Don’t worry! I have a diet tip for you. Listen to the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta. It will curb your appetite and/or assist in your regurgitation efforts! Just tryin’ to help!! (I’m not saying we’re gonna gross you out…I’m WARNING you that we’re GONNA GROSS YOU OUT! But just part of the time. Look. Comedians tend to provide a lot of detail in their storytelling and we have on some expert story tellers coming on the show.)

Our first guest this week is the Editor for Comedy at MySpace, Scott Rubin!

Scott Rubin also used to be the Editor-in-Chief of National Lampoon, the most recognized brand in humor. Rubin’s tenure began in 1999, when he created the award-winning National Lampoon Dotcom as an outlet for the NatLamp’s cutting edge comic sensibility. The site’s content was entered into the Smithsonian Institute for best exemplifying American satire in the weeks following the 9-11 attacks, and has been awarded “Best of the Web” from the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, USA Today, CNN and The Wall Street Journal. The site is ranked as one of the most popular entertainment Internet destinations, with a monthly audience that exceeds 800,000 readers. Rubin also writes and produces television shows for National Lampoon Networks (NLN), a college cable channel seen by nearly 5 million college students. He executive produces the #1 rated Master Debaters, an irreverent, innovative debating show featuring celebrities, local personalities, and real college debaters.

Next up on the show, Charles Orenthal James Patterson is joining us!

Aside from having the longest name in the universe, OJ Patterson is the definition of weird. He performs sophisticated, remedial, clean, dirty, abstract, anecdotal, nerdy, chocolate comedy at the Purple Onion, Dark Room Theater, Alameda and family reunions. Primarily a stand-up, OJ also performs improv and sketch comedy with the Sylvan Production Company. An absurdist, hypothetical wordsmith, OJ Patterson is a foremost student of the humorist craft and details his findings on the Bay Area-centric comedy blog Courting Comedy. Ultimately OJ is a lot of love nestled inside a misleadingly hulking body.

Also on the show…our old friend Cody Woods returns!

Cody Woods is a comedian that does comedy sometimes. He is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is being black balled in the comedy industry. If you would like to see Cody perform, just find him on Facebook at: so you can find a gig near you that he will not be getting booked at. His material is performed mainly in a topical and intimate style and is pretty edgy. Cody Woods also runs a shithole comedy venue on Stanford campus called the “750 Pub”, where comics have the privilege of being enjoyed by people who will be making up to $450,000 within the next two years and happen to be the same type of people that comics often gawked at in high school. Cody Woods is also very articulate and his vocabulary is often filled with prestigious words like “gawk” and “high school”. Cody Woods is part Irish and once had a dog.

And finally, we’re going to welcome back an extra-special boy who once was a bright-eyed, bushy-assed intern on the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta! That’s RIGHT! We’re going to have Casey Ley on the show!

Casey Ley is a very funny local and touring headliner and comedy radio talk show host. He has toured with Fags and Hags, headlined Live at the Onion Series at the Purple Onion, worked at the San Francisco Punchline, Cobbs Comedy Club, and the Hollywood Improv. For the past two years he has also been a part of SF Sketchfest. He is also host of The Morning Show on PirateCat Radio, a weekly talk show focusing on news, current events and the bay area comedy scene. Get ready for fun and sexy mayhem with Casey!

Tune in!

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