Huge thanks to last week’s special appearance by Robert Hawkins the Comedy Genius who tours with Ron White. You can still catch the webcast but hurry up before it goes away. You see, every week the show is recorded and is then available as a downloadable podcast for only one week. If you can’t hear us live on Saturday nights, make sure to download the scandalous, uncensored good times to your iPod (or whatever the hell you use to look at porn these days). Go to and click “Last Show”.

Kurt Weitzmann was also on and was hilarious as usual. Others were on too. I don’t know what they were on, but they were on. Oh, and hear me get electrocuted that night during a vicious, evil game. That totally blew. Download that one, you only have one more day until it’s gone.

First up, Rob Sherwood makes his debut on our show. Born in Florida, raised in New York, and now living in Las Vegas, Rob’s been on the comedy circuit for ten years. Before becoming a comedian, Rob was a drummer (since the age of 11, when he joined a band). Rob also spent many years behind the scenes as a light and sounds technician. This backstage experience gave him a unique comedic insight to show business on the Las Vegas Strip. Rob explores the lighter side of Las Vegas culture (a.k.a. smoking, drinking, and gambling) on stage and appeals to folks all over the country. Rob is also currently working on a TV project called “Comedy Show n’ Tell” for the new Las Vegas Television Network. Rob’s talent and ambition have also entered cyberspace with him narrating and dialoguing sports bloopers. Rob’s twisted viewpoints are entertaining and popular with all ages.

And, another comedian will be touching our microphones for the very first time….please give it up…for Keon Kobra everybody!! WOOO!! Let him hear it. (Or at least pretend he can hear it.) 

Keon Kobra is an Iranian American stand-up comedian from Walnut Creek, California. He performs all over the west coast at clubs such as Rooster T. Feathers. He hosts Keon Kobra’s Rock and Roll Comedy Showcase monthly in the East Bay and also hosts the podcast “Kobra’s Book Club” where he talks with local comics who write or just funny people who like to talk comedy and books. Keon Kobra’s thoughtful yet aggressive filthy comedy is truthful and hits from all angles. His signature KOBRA STRIKE! is more scary and way more funny that it sounds. It’s a candy-coated skewering of contemporary society. He has a useless degree in English and isn’t afraid to use it.

Next up, we warmly welcome back an extra-special boy who once was a bright-eyed, bushy-assed intern on none other than the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta! That’s RIGHT! We’re going to have Casey Ley on the show! Casey Ley is a very funny local and touring headliner and comedy radio talk show host. He has toured with Fags and Hags, headlined Live at the Onion Series at the Purple Onion, worked at the San Francisco Punchline, Cobbs Comedy Club, and the Hollywood Improv. Get ready for fun and sexy mayhem with Casey! 

And finally, we are thrilled to have the very funny award-winning, British-Asian stand-up Comedian from Birmingham England joining us…Shazia Mirza!!!

Shazia Mirza could have married a rich man and lived in a mansion on The Bishops Avenue, with servants, bidets, and horses. But instead she chose to drive up and down the country for as little as ten pounds, staying in dirty lurid bed and breakfasts trying to make people laugh. She thought of giving up, but no Muslim man wants to marry her, now that’s she’s dabbled in jokes and fingered a few white men on the 38 bus. Shazia Mirza works all over the world and has toured the US, Sweden, Denmark, France Holland, and Germany. She has appeared on CBS 60 Minutes, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and Have I got News for You (BBC). Check her out at

Tune in!

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