Whoa Nelly do we have a big show for you this Saturday night. This is the night of comedy greatness. This is the night of erotic tension and comedic release. This is the night we welcome back our absolute Favorite regular guest on our show…he’s a comedy GENIUS (no big deal)…but he’s also the object of my private fantasies (kind of a big deal)! We are thrilled to have the wickedly hilarious and incredibly sexy ROBERT HAWKINS back on the show!

Robert Hawkins is an ex-army medic (U.S.) who grew up fast on the sandy beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “I joined the army because I was 18 and bored with tenth grade”. After an honorable discharge from civilian jobs, he took the advice of his friends and tried stand-up comedy for the first time at the Improv in Dallas, Texas. Within four years Hawkins appeared on A&E’s “Comedy on the Road” with John Byner and was headlining comedy night clubs across the country as well as colleges and corporate parties. Hawkins moved west to San Francisco and broke into the Bay Area comedy scene with a strong showing in the 1993 San Francisco International Stand-Up Comedy Competition placing ninth out of hundreds. Hawkins recalls, “it was bogus man, I should have been eighth” The next year he went on to win the Fifth Annual Stand-Up Comedy Competition at California State University.

1996 was Robert’s break out year with a critically acclaimed appearance on Showtime’s “Full Frontal Comedy”. In July of 1996 he was invited to perform at the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. His performance resulted in a sitcom development deal with Fox television. Robert made his network debut in October 1998 on NBC’s “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”. A recent magazine article covering Hawkins’ stand-up wrote “comics like Robert Hawkins take the art form (stand-up comedy) to new highs and he is worth checking out if he comes to your town.”

Chuck Farnham was the radio stunt man of the year in FMQB for his work at Live 105. He attended the funerals of Richard Nixon, Sonny Bono, Buck Owens, and Roy Rogers. He was one of the 3 guys sued for Macplaymate by Playboy. He was in 4 adult films, Blondage, The Dog Walker, Fresh Meat, and The Voyeur. He wrote a book called The Best Mac Deal in the late 1980s. He traveled to 500 Grateful Dead shows, Europe, Alaska, and saw all 15 of the Warfield shows in 1980. He also created the first HyperCard products for Apple Macintosh computer, called “Smutstack”.

And next…from San Francisco’s wild and hilarious comedy troupe “A Fag, A Hag, and a Drag”…the hilarious and wonderful drag queen extraordinaire Pippi Lovestocking will be coming in! Pippi Lovestocking is a regular on the comedy circuit as well as a cabaret drag singer and entertainer who travels abroad!

Next up…Queer Eye for the Straight Radio Guy and Girl!

Like a virgin, touched for the fifty-third time, professional comedian and muckraker Nate Blanchard will also be joining us! Nate performs all over the San Francisco Bay Area, bringing his charming, delightful gay self to a clubs, colleges, and cocks across the land! He’s been winning fans from the queerest to the straightest clubs, and has won me over as a fan from the start. Why? Cuz he’s sweet, adorable, funny, and I enjoy him!

Kurt Weitzmann will also be back to reunite with our crazy asses! Kurt’s been keeping busy but we’re glad to have him back in the studio. Kurt has been performing comedy for over 15 years and his act has been seen on Comedy Central, MTV, and on the stages of every San Francisco comedy club ever to come or go. Kurt Weitzmann created, edited, and produced the ingenious “SF Weakly”, a highly celebrated parody of the SF Weekly, for which he was labeled a comic genius by non other than The SF Weekly. Kurt Weitzmanns comedy sketch album TALENTED is now available on AMERICAN DREAMS RECORDS. Kurt is also the producer of the new hit film “Last Call” and co-creator of the very popular and funny “Jesus Roast” and “Hitler Roast”.

Tune in!

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