The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, Oct. 16

Welcome to another night of tasteless topics, repulsive rants, and seductive stories of social deviance. And comedy talk. Comedy talk about all things tasteless, repulsive, or deviant. The sensuous mayhem starts at 8 pm tonight. Don’t forget to catch the tittilating replay of last week’s show, featuring a Playboy Playmate, a feminist comedian, and a handful of horny dudes and other weird characters. Click Last Show on now before it goes away!

First up on the JMP…Steve Caminiti is coming in to make us giggle! Steve was voted Funniest Man in Cincinnati by his peers, Funniest Person in Ohio by Showtime Cable Network, and picked as Best Comedian in Cincinnati by both Cincinnati Magazine and City Beat Magazine. Steve is also a regular visitor on nationally syndicated talk shows, such as Bob & Tom and The Gary Burbank Show, and he was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Comedy Issue. His television appearances include Comedy Central, CBS television’s “48 Hours”, Showtime Cable Network, The Nashville Network, A&E, and MTV.

Ronn Vigh, so-sexy-it’s-difficult-to-not-jump-his-bones-while-he’s-on-stage, brings his unique brand of comedy to clubs, colleges, and airport lavatories all over the world. His brash attitude and acerbic wit have earned him a comparison to a young Joan Rivers by SF Weekly. Well, if she were male, gay, and didn’t shoot Botox by the pound. He was featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing II and in 2005 founded and still co-produces the successful “Harvey’s Funny Tuesday’s” weekly comedy show at Harvey’s in the Castro District of San Francisco. No stranger to the comedy and alternative scene, he recently hosted Palm Springs Pride, headlined the Lake Tahoe Gay & Lesbian WinterFest, 10th Annual Michigan ComedyFest, and the list goes on and on and on–much like when Ronn speaks.

His one man show, 98 Pounds of Fury, enjoyed a successful run, appeared in the Off-Broadway smash hit 10 Naked Men, recently hosted coverage for the SF GLBT Pride Parade and gained much attention for a controversial off-the-cuff comment about bisexuals. He’s played Joan Rivers at Comedy Noir’s Jesus Roast, a gay Elvis Presley in a commercial, and a science geek in a Magrack ad displayed in NYC subways. Needless to say, he’s versatile (in many ways). He’s been heard on the radio waves and a frequent contributor to shows such as “Fernando & Greg” on Energy 92.7FM, Shake Radio on 960 AM, The Quake and Live 105’s KGAY Weekend in San Francisco. He currently reports, and was featured in, the New York Times for his “Weekly Show” on His biggest accomplishment to date: working as a flight attendant and he never smothers any of his passengers with a pillow.

Ivan Hernandez was born in New Jersey in the eighties and lived a fairly inconsequential life until starting comedy in his late teens. His is a sort of off-handed observational style marked mostly by self-deprecation, dryness, and yelling. Favorite topics include comic books, food, women, and any intersections of the three.

Some of the places he’s played include the Florida Improvs, the Purple Onion, Florida International University, the Florida Supercon comic book convention, and the South Beach Comedy Festival. He’s been featured in the Miami New Times as part of the Nerd Comics Tour and in the East Bay Express, and played Albert Einstein in a production of Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile. After a long stretch of living in Florida, he leads an itinerant existence in San Francisco
Tune in!

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