The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, Oct. 23

Ladies, are you busy picking out your slutty costumes? And Players, are you busy buying condoms to use on all those Halloween sluts? Good. Now put down your cum-fuck-me pumps, your 1-square-foot-of-fabric costume, and your pasties and pick up your dignity. Then throw it all away again by tuning into the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta.

First up on the show, we have Josh Sneed, Steve Caminiti, and other special guests from The Ickey Woods Comedy Shuffle and Celebrity Fun(d)Raiser. Starring some amazing national touring comedians and special guests. Steve Caminiti, Rico Bruce Wade, Saleem and Michael Flannery. Special Guest Appearance by Gary Owen.

Josh Sneed is quickly making his mark as one of the top young comics in the business. After quitting a comfy day job working for Procter & Gamble, he’s made excellent strides in following his passion for making people laugh. He’s opened for such acts as Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, and Lewis Black. Most recently, Josh finished 2nd out of 100 of Comedy Central’s top comedians in the Annual Stand-up Showdown, earning him a deal to record a new album on Comedy Central Records.

In 2006, Josh filmed a 30-minute special, “Comedy Central Presents: Josh Sneed” that debuted in March 2007 and is currently re-airing. In November of 2006, Josh placed 6th in the Sierra Mist/MySpace Stand-up or Sit Down Challenge out of over 2,000 entrants. Finishing high in competitions is nothing new to Josh. In 4th grade he earned a blue ribbon for throwing a softball through a tire. In 2004, he performed at the Just For Laugh’s Montreal Comedy Festival in the “New Faces of Comedy” group, one of the highest honors that a comedian at his level can achieve. Josh has also be seen performing in large venue theaters across the country as an opening act for the various members of “The Blue Collar Comedy Tour”, and has made several appearances on “The Bob & Tom Show”.

Steve Caminiti was voted Funniest Man in Cincinnati by his peers, Funniest Person in Ohio by Showtime Cable Network, and picked as Best Comedian in Cincinnati by both Cincinnati Magazine and City Beat Magazine. Steve is also a regular visitor on nationally syndicated talk shows, such as Bob & Tom and The Gary Burbank Show, and he was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Comedy Issue. His television appearances include Comedy Central, CBS television’s “48 Hours”, Showtime Cable Network, The Nashville Network, A&E, and MTV.

Next up, we’ll be having some fun with some funny folks from the East Bay!

OJ Patterson is the definition of weird. He performs sophisticated, remedial, clean, dirty, abstract, anecdotal, nerdy, chocolate comedy at the Purple Onion, Dark Room Theater, Alameda and family reunions. Primarily a stand-up, OJ also performs improv and sketch comedy with the Sylvan Production Company. An absurdist, hypothetical wordsmith, OJ Patterson is a foremost student of the humorist craft and details his findings on the Bay Area-centric comedy blog Courting Comedy. Ultimately OJ is a lot of love nestled inside a misleadingly hulking body.

And finally we’ll be having some fun with Eric The-Real-Deal-Man-Of Steele!

Born and raised in The Corn Belt, Iowa, Eric Steele has always been into entertainment. At a young age he craved attention and got into trouble for what he thought was funny at school constantly. He was active in speech and drama in high school and any other opportunity that gave him a chance to have a microphone. Eric has been doing comedy for years and takes his life experiences with him. He’s an expressive comic meaning he is very animated and expressive with his emotions on stage.

Eric believes everything in life can, and should be, laughed at, from his crappy jobs, home in the ghetto, and even his own father’s death at a young age. You can catch Eric at many Bay Area clubs as well as every weekend on a local radio station 95.3 KRTY in San Jose. He also recently won his round at Castagnola’s Walk The Plank Comedy Competition. Eric’s business card says it perfectly- “Comic, Writer, Golden Voice, and Lover?” Just don’t try and find him on myspace, not there anymore. If you want to stalk him do so at

Tune in!

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