Awww yeahhhh. Throw your hands up in the air and wave them around like you just don’t care! Or, put your hands in your lap and play with yourself until you take a nap! (We don’t give a crap.) Look here, you. This week on the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta…more fun and thrills. Remember, this show is the one where the comedians come to completely relax and unwind, be themselves, and say ANYTHING they want. And they Do Say Anything and Everything. This show is completely uncensored. This show should be called The W.T.M.I. Show. (The Way Too Much Information Show.)

Do you know what that means? Oh Lordee! It means that we pump them full of alcohol before they take the mics! Ohh Yeah! Then, they say things they wouldn’t normally say. And THEN some! You see, we have a knack for making comedians feel at ease. Maybe it’s because we are so goddamn charming. I don’t know. And then, when they start feeling all comfortable, they start being more “open” to talking about things, like their personal lives and their genitals and other cool shit. If you listen long enough, you just might hear something ohhh so very private, exciting, and (enter evil laugh here) SCANDALOUS! So don’t miss out on John and Susan and their deliciously funny guests.

And now…coming to the microphones…some sober…some not so sober…most on antidepressants of some sort…our line-up of comedians.

The city of Santa Cruz, California generates some pretty weird people and comedian John Brown certainly qualifies as one of funniest weirdos around! John represents his hometown well by amusing audiences with bizarre impressions such as E.T. and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome. He’s also been having fun and keeping busy annoying anonymous people by making some really wild prank calls. In addition to doing stand-up, John also regularly hosts and produces comedy shows throughout the Santa Cruz area.

Phil Johnson isn’t angry. Even when he’s screaming at the audience in the guise of a schizo killing his girlfriend or a jilted lover insulting every bit of his ex-lover’s femininity, it’s done with a warmth and a knowing glance that it’s all in good fun. It communicates to the audience that no matter what problems they’re going through, there’s always someone even more screwed up than them. Phil Johnson is, in fact, a raging optimist. And better yet, it’s all set to music. Phil Johnson deftly wields his guitar, spinning out one funny scenario after another. Far beyond the strumming/storytelling and parody style of other comedians his songs are all original, and written to include the music as an integral part of the story.

His shows have been called “choreographed frenzy” and his easy, mellow command of the stage turns completely demented on a dime. It’s a show with variety, energy, and originality that definitely pushes the boundaries. With years of experience leading his band Roadside Attraction, a college degree in music, and his activities in film and TV, Phil Johnson knows well what it takes to entertain an audience. But beyond just entertainment, Phil seeks to actually communicate something important… That life is just not as serious as we all think.

Melanie O’Brien burst onto the San Francisco comedy scene telling raunchy jokes at venues all over the Bay Area. I consider Melanie a kindred spirit to me in that dirty minds think alike! She’s performed at venues such as the Purple Onion, Harveys, and the Dark Room. Melanie also attends law school. People often ask her if she’s going to drop out of law school to pursue stand-up, but she likes to think that she can manage them both, as naive as that may be.

Simone Campbell has been keeping people laughing with her rapid-fire wit and in-your-face approach. Legendary lesbian comic, Karen Ripley describes her as “exciting, energetic, full of life. She warms the audience up to each other. Not an easy thing to do. Killer smile.” Simone performs all over the San Francisco bay area at places such as Harveys, the Russian River Inn, and the White Horse Inn.

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