Phil_Radio_Kenny2Tonight, the mighty USS, broadcasting live from 8-10pm (PT) in Studio 1A, is gonna bring you something a little different.

Virtual Producer Dave will be live in the studio. Basically, we’ll be talking smack about the local music scene and we’ll play tunes by some of his favorite local bands – Death Angel, King Loses Crown, Left of Christ, Death Valley High, and more.

We’ll also be hyping the big Cry Wolf, Swerver, Mukagee, and SJSindicate show happening Saturday night at Neto’s in Santa Clara. We’re gonna play some tunes from 3 of the 4 bands on the bill as well as have a phone interview with Cry Wolf where we’re gonna debut their new single. They haven’t quite confirmed yet, but we also might give Mukagee a call as well.

So, get ready to throw up those horns cuz it’s gonna be a rocking good time!!

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