Phil_Radio_Kenny2Tonight, on the mighty USS from 8-10pm (PT) in Studio 1A, the South Bay will be represented as we have not one, but two bands from San Jose in the house.

First up, Jimmy and Stevie from Los Bastardos de Amor will be sharing new happenings from the Bastardos camp as well as news from their other band, Swerver. As an added bonus, I’m sure we’ll be playing some Stryper.

They’ll be followed up by the hottest sisters in music, The Trash Pop Icons who will be debuting their brand new album “A Way With Words” and letting us know what’s new on the horizon for them.

Stay tuned for another amazing night of independent music brought to you by the Unbound Sound Show.

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  1. Oh no!!!! Not Jimmy Arceneaux and those Zep Sister’s on the same show!!!!! What the hell are you thinking???? That much talent on one show could damage you equipment!!!!!! Actually wanna throw a shout out to Jimmy, Naomi and Nadia, You guys Rock so proud of all of you and it’s been a pleasure knowing you all over the years!!!!!

  2. Gotta love hearing Stryper Michael Sweet has one of the most underrated voices in Rock!!!!!!!!

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