Phil_Radio_Kenny2Tonight on the mighty USS, we’ve got some folks (well, one actually), we haven’t seen in a LONG time and some folks whom we met a short while ago from 8-10pm in Studio 1A. Both of them will be playing live at the Blank Club in San Jose, this Saturday!!!

Up first, some guys we met early on in the history of the mighty USS, Melted Horses. Their frontman, Greg Knudsen, will join us to bring us up to date on all happenings in the Melted Horses camp, play some new tracks, and share some of his favorite songs.

Then, recent friends Skyway View will cruise on by. They have a brand new album coming out Saturday called “The Good & the Beautiful.” We’ll play some brand new tracks from the album and they’ll play live in the studio.

Tune in tonight to get a dose of straight up Rock ‘N’ Roll from your friends at the mighty USS!!

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