Phil_Radio_Kenny2Well, we started off the week with a bit of a SNAFU (Dedvolt’s new album wasn’t quite ready for radio), but the mighty USS overcame and we’ll have a full slate for you from 8-10pm in Studio 1A.

First up, we’ll be bringing you heavy hitters Almost Dead. Their drummer is our good friend Ivan Ganchev of fREEx so I’m sure we’ll be discussing the differences between the two bands from a drummer’s standpoint as well as their formation and anything else that comes to mind.

Then, thanks to some last minute scrambling, Derek Bernard from Haberdasher will join us. We’ll talk about what’s been happening in the past year or so since he was on last and he’ll play some tunes live in the studio.

So tune in for another night of diverse music you can only find on the Unbound Sound Show!!

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