Phil_Radio_Kenny2Tonight, on the mighty USS, from 8-10pm in Studio 1A, we wrap-up our SoFA Street Fair extravaganza – and, boy, is it going to be a doozie!!!

Up first, we welcome back our good friends Sloe, who are coming out of a 2-year hiatus to play the festival. We’ll talk about what they’ve been up to for the pat couple of years, share fond memories of SoFA’s gone by, and play a ton of music – including a track so old it’s on CASSETTE!!!

Then, if we are blessed by the music gods, we’ll have a phone interview with none other than Angelo Moore from Fishbone!! We’ll discuss their trials and tribulations and check in on Angelo’s solo career.

Finally, we’ll be joined via phone by San Jose stalwarts Insolence. We’ll see what they’ve been up to and find out if it really is just like riding a bike.

This is gonna be HUGE so tune in to get your SoFA Fest prep!!!

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