Phil_Radio_Kenny2The stomach flu can’t keep the mighty USS down for long. Join us tonight from 8-10pm in Studio 1A for some more incredible indie music.

Our first guests are a band out of Hollister called Kizmet. As first-timers they’ll get the usual USS treatment as we find out more about them. We’ll also be playing some tunes off their new EP :Death is a Blessing” AND, as an added bonus, they’ll play a couple tracks live in the studio.

Then, our good friends Major Powers & the Lo-Fi Symphony will make a return appearance. We’ll catch up with what they’ve been up to lately, play some tunes (don’t be surprised if you hear the “Sound of Music” or something), and talk about opening for Dread Zeppelin at the Rockbar Theatre on Friday night.

Another night of awesome music coming your way!!!

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