The Unbound Sound Show!!!

phil_radioTonight, on the mighty USS from 8-10pm in Studio 1A, we’ll be bringing you another evening of kick-ass with a couple of bands making their premier appearance.

To start things off, we welcome El Guapo. This San Jose-based quartet of jokesters were apparently sent to us by the gods of rock so be prepared to have your faces melted. We’ll discuss their roots, their highly descriptive song titles, and play some tunes from their album “Whips, Chains, Whistles, Yo Yos, Dracula Riding Around On A Tricycle Giving Me The Finger.”

They’ll be followed up another San Jose quarter called Life Size Models. These alt-rockers will be discussing their backgrounds, the formation of the group and all that good stuff. As an added bonus, they’re going to be playing a selection of tracks from their “Burden of Youth” EP live in the studio.

Tune in for another smashing night of local music.



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