The Unbound Sound Show!!!

phil_radioTonight, on the mighty USS from 8-10pm in Studio 1A, we’re bringing you two great tastes that taste great together.

We’re doing a joint (heh heh, we said joint) show with two of San Jose’s most eclectic bands – Rebelskamp and Fuck the Band. Why you might ask. Because both of them will be putting on a show to hype the release of Rebelskamp brand new and much awaited album “Zaelians.”  We’ll chat up the new album which features a TON of amazing featured artists and generally catch up with both bands. There’s sure to be a bunch of laughs and general mayhem that always happens when they’re guests on the show.

So, pack a bowl, turn on that lava lamp, fluff up that bean bag and get ready to do some serious Sunday night chillaxin’.


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