Susan is gone playing Rooster “T” Feathers tonight. Break a leg Susan, so Chantel Williams will be co-hosting!  

First off they will be talking to a close friend of John’s and 10 year supporter of the JMP, Vince Desi CEO of Running with Scissors and CEO to the video game “Postal 2”. They will be talking to Vince about the Tucson shootings. The studios of Running with Scissors are headquartering in Tucson.

Next up you ask?

Steve Booth has had a varied career in stand-up, television, and film. His commercials include “Free Doritos – Snow globe throwing office worker,” which was voted Superbowl XLIII’s NUMBER ONE COMMERCIAL by USA Today, MSNBC and YouTube, “Get More Heinz – Big Kid,” a Herbert Brothers Production, and “Duct Tape – Duct Taped Roomate,” a Doritos Crash The Superbowl Finalist that aired on Comedy Central, MTV, and G4. Steve was host of 17 episodes of XLTV, which aired on UPN for two seasons. He was also a featured performer on Uncut. Steve also appeared on SplatterFactor as comic relief interviewing paintball players and fans. This show aired for one season on FOXSPORTS. Steve has also had numerous small spots in music videos, local commercials, and appearances as a local personality.

Now some comics from the bay!

Simone Campbell has been keeping people laughing with her rapid-fire wit and in-your-face approach. Legendary lesbian comic, Karen Ripley describes her as “exciting, energetic, full of life. She warms the audience up to each other. Not an easy thing to do. Killer smile.” Simone performs all over the San Francisco bay area at places such as Harveys, the Russian River Inn, and the White Horse Inn.

Also joining us to destroy our precious egos yet still manage to make us laugh our asses off…Kaseem Bentley, the Bay Area’s number one insult comic will be joining us!

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