Tonight on the show we welcome back our dear friend Phil Perrier! Phil is a hilarious national touring stand-up comedian and writer for the Jay Leno show as well as the George Lopez show. (Not to mention a regular on the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta!) He started with All Comedy Radio in the spring of 2003 and was syndicated on 37+ stations in the United States, 23+ stations in Canada, an…d one station in South Africa. He is best known for the Hollywood Report “Limited Access”, Recurring Sketches: “Interview with a Dead Guy”, “Celebrity Sodium Pentothal”, “Wisdom of the Ages, with Ceepak Okra”, and “Oblivious Witness to History”.In 1990, Phil started writing jokes for Jay Leno for “The Tonight Show” and still to this day writes for Jay. In 1999, Phil started writing for his first Nationally Syndicated radio show “Bob and Tom’s Big Show”. In 2001, he began writing for Martin Short and “The Martin Short Show”. Ten years after he started writing for Jay Leno, Phil Perrier also started writing for David Letterman “The Late Show”. Phil still writes for bothshows. Phil has also been a columnist for many newspapers including the L.A. Daily News, Washington Times, San Francisco Examiner, Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Birmingham News, and, last but not least, he was a Staff Writer for the Athens (Ga.) Observer from 1993-2000.Guests this evening also include Matt Curry and Shiva Khales!

Shiva Khales is one hilarious, wild chick that I knew I liked and got along with right away. She’s one of these girls that doesn’t give a fuck what she says and keeps it real and loves to party! I love that!!! Shiva performs all over the Bay Area including venues such as Rooster T Feathers in Sunnyvale and the San Jose Improv. In her own words, she is “a girl who suffers from Persian Problems – the next step up from Shiva Problems, extreme A.D.H.D. and Jungle Fever… Oh, and did I mention I’m not a mind reader but I’m kind of psychic?”

Matt Curry and I became friends in a hurry. He is a very funny, clever, and whimsical comedian with a unique laid-back delivery and he makes me laugh hard! And crowds too! Matt performs all over the Bay Area at all the clubs and venues. Aside from being a comedian he is also a teacher, which is good, because there are a lot of comedians who need a positive role model around them. I’m not saying he’s a positive role model, I’m just saying that comedians need a positive role model around them.

Tune in!

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