Today at 6:00 PST on The John Miller Program w/Ashly Russell, Robert Mailer Anderson….

This going to be a reunion of sorts, so lets get ready for John Miller to meet up with childhood friend that was for 5 years raised in the same group home Grapevine Group Home, but he was the owners son Robert Mailer Anderson. He is the author of what has become a cult classic “Boonville“. He moved from his uncle group home Fern Hill School in Boonville where serial killer David Mason was along with Darrell Walters that killed a Fern Hill counselor.  He now is co-writer and producer of the upcoming film “Windows on the World” starring Ryan Guzman. It about the restaurant in the Twin Towers on 9/11.  Also we will asking many questions along with John his co-host Ashly Russell and guest Yvette Fernandez will host The John Miller Program. So make sure to tune in live at 6:00 PM in the world famous “John Miller Studio” (1A) at FCCFREE Radio for what should great podcast!! Subscribe to this show and all the shows using this RSS Feed Link.


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