Well, well, well. Welcome to flu season. Hey I feel right at home here during flu season cuz I hang out with some sick m***** f*****s!!! Speaking of which, tonight on the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta…

 Tony Sparks, known to all in the SF area as the “Father of SF Comedy”, is one of the nicest and funniest comedians you can meet. He’s also one of the best comedy hosts you could be entertained by. Wonderfully supportive to comics of all levels (newbies to veterans), he helps make stage time available to anyone who wants it. He hosts a hugely popular open mic in the SF bay area, the famed Brain Wash Café in San Francisco. This is where NO ONE gets turned down for stage time. Tony enlists the entire audience, every week, to welcome every new comedian with “A Lot of Love!!!” What? “A LOT OF LOVE!!!!!!” Tony Sparks can also be found performing comedy and hosting shows all over the place, and he produces, promotes, and/or hosts several shows. Check him out Sugaboo…

Also back on the show…Chuck Farnham! Chuck Farnham was the radio stunt man of the year in FMQB for his work at Live 105. He attended the funerals of Richard Nixon, Sonny Bono, Buck Owens, and Roy Rogers. He was one of the 3 guys sued for Macplaymate by Playboy. He was in 4 adult films, Blondage, The Dog Walker, Fresh Meat, and The Voyeur. He wrote a book called The Best Mac Deal in the late 1980s. He traveled to 500 Grateful Dead shows, Europe, Alaska, and saw all 15 of the Warfield shows in 1980. He also created the first HyperCard products for Apple Macintosh computer, called “Smutstack”.

We are also delighted to have Dream Denver back on the show! She is the wife of the wacky Gilligan (of the hit TV show “Gilligan’s Island”).

And finally, we bring you Daymon Ferguson. Daymon Ferguson hails from Hell. Or rather, Chico California, where he was born into a white trash tradition that he’s been trying to escape ever since. High school brought the impetus Daymon needed to become a comedian—he announced to his tenth grade drama teacher that he would one day become a stand-up comic. He got right on that, too. A mere twenty years later, here he is! But first he had to take care of a few other careers—Daymon has been a diesel truck mechanic, pizza delivery guy, forklift mechanic, waiter, racecar driver, ditch digger, exotic dancers’ bodyguard, and lawyer. All of which have helped prepare him for a career standing up in front of a bunch of people, telling dick jokes.

Tune in at 8 PM

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