uneekUNEEK RADIO Season 2 Ep.2 “SPOTLIGHT” is on “DJ BLACK” A.K.A. “Mellanique Robicheux”. A long time friend of DJ Kween Uneek and one of the very first female DJ pioneers of the Bay Area. The Kween was inspired by DJ BLACK to finally get a set of turntables and pursue her career as a DJ back in the early 2000’s. The Kween use to help DJ Black carry her record crates into the club and help pick out the next record for her to play since the early 90’s playing at clubs like DV8, 1015 Folsom, SF Gay Pride Events, Sound Factory, Etc.,Etc. Since then these two have always held a close bond. The Kween gives DJ Black much credit for teaching her the ways of the wizard. DJ BLACK has played along side artists such as Masters at Work, FUSE, J-Boogie, Rusty Lazer, Trackakademics. She has also DJ’d for Erykah Badu, The Roots, Tony Toni Tone, Goapele, & Alanis Morisette to name a few. She’s a member of A.B.L.U.N.T, Herstory and produced some of the Bay Area’s Tightest parties since the early 90’s till this date. Parties like Tight, Brown Suga, Dream EZ, Hella Gay, & Ships. DJ Black has been a rocking the turntables for over 20 plus years. The Kween & co host Ms. Shanette will also be talking about the Gwen Stefani concert they both attended over the weekend and their thoughts about the 2nd Presidential Debate. Be sure to Tune In and LAY BACK, KICK IT, & ENJOY THE RIDE!!!


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