UNEEK RADIO Season 3 EP.9 “SHAMROCKS AND SHENANIGANS”. DJ Kween Uneek is back & she has her posse sliding thru the “World Famous Studio 1A” to turn the station into a music madhouse! From what I hear she has Tone-Patron, Mary-Mack, MC Summer Breeze & a few other guests sliding thru to bless the show with their presence & get an early start to St. Patty’s Day!! The Kween has a lot of major announcements to make and of course they will be shooting the breeze while drinkin whiskey & talkin crap about stuff that will surely make you laugh! So prepare yourself for some good music & topics that will keep you entertained for the next 2 hours!! We got two of the “Hottest Shows” airing Live at the same damn time tonite!! Check out “SHOTS FIRED” who will be next door at Studio 2B with your host Kiko and Tony Sparks!! With that being said, It looks like it’s going to be a party up in FCCFREERADIO!! #TurnUpTuesdays with the Kween is always fun!! Be sure to Tune In & Be Ready To #TurnUP ….. UNEEK RADIO!!!


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