UNEEK RADIO Season 6 Ep.12 “APRIL FOOL!” 04.03.18

UNEEK RADIO Season 6 Ep.12 “APRIL FOOL!!”. Tonight is the last episode of  Season 6 & since #DJKweenUneek recently celebrated her Birthday on  APRIL FOOLS DAY  she decided to make this episode ALL about her!! As she should, since she is the #Kween !! She truly defines what it means to be born as an  April Fool’s Baby ! She has a few pranks up her sleeves & a dope music playlist from her favorite artists  who were also born under the fierce zodiac sign of   ARIES .  She has a few #SpecialGuest poppin in & out the station tonight as her Co-host Netty-Net launches #RiseUpRadio on her new night at 8pm in Studio 2B !!  #TurnUpTuesdays has turned into #TripleThreatTuesdays  with #UneekRadio x #LightOnePotcast airing right after at 10pm!! Catch us on  #LiveFeed on FCCFREERADIO.COM STUDIO 1A & 2B or hit download to listen to the podcast!! Special Thank You To ALL Who Showed The Kween Some Birthday Love!! It ain’t over yet!! As we continue to celebrate ……..

Aries: The Ram

Ruled by the headstrong and determined Ram, Aries energy can be stubborn and willful. It causes us to dig in our heels, stand our ground and refuse to be pushed around. Under the influence of an Aries planetary transit, we may butt our own metaphorical Ram’s horns against the same obstacle until we break it down—often with the sheer force of will. Confident Aries energy helps us believe in ourselves and champion others. The essence of Aries energy shows up as encouraging, unstoppable, bold, devoted, heroic and caring. In its shadow form, Aries energy can make us prideful, self-centered, impulsive, bossy, stubborn, reckless and competitive. This sign likes a challenge, but be careful not to become selfish or domineering under Aries’ influence.


Tune In and Turn Up  UNEEK RADIO !!!


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