Vince Desi returns to the JMP!

We will be talking to my friend and founder of Postal the video game… Vince Desi. If you don’t know who Vince is well the logo below shows he loves to raise hell… This game is over the top…and 30 countries banned the game! He has kicked the Postmaster General ass for the right to use “Postal” …. I guess he was not done yet so off to “The Supreme Court”. This interview will fill the servers fast worldwide. So be there at 8 PM PST and get your seat early… Also on this over the top show, Writer for the Jay Leno and long time friend of the program, Phil Perrier. Next will be the call out to the compound of Chuck Farnham…He was the stunt man for The Alex Bennett Program when it ruled the airwaves in the 90’s. in San Francisco on Live 105.  Of course the star of the night Vince Desi. We will be talking gaming and find out what is new at Running with Scissors. We keep dropping names so lets drop our next name,  John O’ Connell long time comic… how about another comic?   Chantel Williams is John’s heart throb that wont give him what he wants… LOL..  and one funny woman from San Francisco. Bet John puts his foot in his mouth at least once! To close out the program… our friend and VERY funny woman from LA, Cheril Vendetti. Go to to learn all about Vince and the staff that makes Postal! Also go to http://thejohnmillerprogram.comand go to the Photo Album… You will find Vince and his right hand man Mike J…. Below the graphic is link to the broadcast with Vince and Mike in REAL Video.. This is 10 year old video that was some of the first LIVE Video of this quality! We miss you Paul…


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