What’s Really Happening? 01/05/20 #152


Tune in noon to 3 January 5th in studio 2b. I’ve got singer Mahnaz Salvador joining in studio. Catie McYee will be joining in studio. We’ve got pastor of Elevate Gospel church Larry Austin joining us . We’ve got returning guest Katherine Park joining in studio to talk about her play the vagina monologues. She’s bringing cast members Livia Wolfe and Rachel Bond. Should be a good time. You all should know Livia and Katherine from my previous shows.  They didn’t come on together. I don’t even think they knew each other back then and then all of a sudden this nice bond happened for the play. How awesome is that. I’ll probably play some music from Hat Trix music and Dezz on this show as well.  It’s National Keto Day and I must confess I spent one day on the Keto diet and I’ve given up already. I am your host Luke ” Walgreens” Sauer. Welcome to 2020!


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