What’s Really Happening? 01/12/20


Tune in Sunday noon to 3  in studio 2b. I’ve gotta music guests lineup, this Sunday I’ll have Chris Amsel in studio, Linda Xyz will be in studio, I’ll have Anup J. Thomas In studio, also I’ll have Sarah Beth Arnold Lil Flower Nasti joining us in studio. Valentino X VisualEyez might also be joining us. I’ll be playing the latest song by rapper Seviin. It’ll be music and another Sunday of who knows what.. I don’t even know. Right now I am trying to eat while my moms picking fleas off of the cat right by my bowl of food so I am a little distracted at the moment. It’s National Hot Tea Day so please.. have some hot tea and join me this Sunday. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Some say I am a creep, some say I am heartless,  people say a lot of things about me, Tune in to see what you think.


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