Tune in Sunday noon to 3 because it’s gonna be awesome. I’ve got Tyler Llapitan in studio http://instagram.com/t_llap . Tyler’s the man that killed his past and rose again. He’s the man with the plan and many smiles. He cooks, he knows his wine, and I am pretty sure I’ve seen him in tv commercials. He’s been on many life journeys so be prepared for Tyler yay!! I’ve got Rapper R.A.N.S.O.M joining us in studio http://instagram.com/ransomletitreign. R.A.N.S.O.M. Is An Artist Who Hails From Sacramento The CITY OF TREES. Motto REAL SKILL NO GIMMICKS!! He Believes In Bringing Originality With Creative Wordplay Combining It With Instrumentals So It’s Music To Your Ears. You can’t place this guy in a box because I don’t know anyone that sounds like him. The guys got many flavors to his music. Tune in as we discuss all the flavors. We’ve also got the sacramento r&b duo Cantale in studio  http://instagram.com/she_cantale

It just now hit me why they’re called Cantale. It’s part of both of their names. I am your host Luke “walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on instagram at http://instagram.com/el_Walgreens . We’re gonna be celebration National Beer Can Day with beer seltzer cans.

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