Happy Sexy Sunday!! I’ve got Hip Hop artist Señor Gigio joining us in studio http://senorgigio.guru He is known for being prolific, having released over 20 projects since 2006. He has collaborated with hip hop veterans locally, throughout the states & internationally. His music is inspirational, eclectic & masterful, with a knack for storytelling, abstract concepts & catchy hooks. His sound continues to grow & evolve as he steps into the forefront as a Singer, expanding his musical horizons in tandem with his supernatural Emceeing abilities. Whether it be through rapping highly-technical yet funky dope flows, crooning bluesy soul ballads or experimenting with bold alternative sounds, Señor Gigio doses his audience with the pure magic that life itself is made of http://instagram.com/senorgigio . I’ve got singer, designer, and co-host of Who Got The Juice Hella Crafty on the show http://instagram.com/hellacrafty . We’ve also got Comedian Catherine Xiaolin Zhao on the show. She’s got some funny amazingly True Stories . She’s got some that involve fear in this pandemic like how people wear diapers because they fear going to the bathroom. She’s got some odd roommate stories along with some other oddities it sounds like.  On a serious but fun note we’ll talk about the Lunar New Year . Lunar New Year mostly refers to the East Asia’s new years celebrated on the same date, of which the most influential one is the Chinese New Year. We’ll talk about current events and possible some poking fun at Valentines Day also. Isn’t it kinda funny Valentines Day is right after Desperation Day, Ha poor guys. It’s also Quirky alone Day and Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day. Doesn’t that kinda make Valentines Day seem like a jinx? It’s also World Marriage Day. I’ll Say No Thanks to all those last holidays I mentioned. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer . Follow me on insta at http://instagram.com/el_walgreens 

Oh we’re also gonna premier the new song by Michelle Lambert http://instagram.com/michellelambertmusic #FreeShrimpBoy


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