What’s Really Happening? 04/12/20

Join me this Easter Sunday April 12th 2020 noon to 3pm, I’ll have Denero Co-hosting with me again. We’ve become a magical Podcast duo. Producer GBaker maybe joining us again in studio.  First guest I’ve got on is Republican Nominee Idaho State Rep District 17B Kevin Rhoades in studio. He’s also a former MMA fighter. We will have Sacramento comedian Shannon Battle in studio. We will have music group Tay and the JangLahDahs in studio. check em out at http://www.Janglahdahs.com. 

We will have actor Mike Foy on Talking about his new movie coming out on Tuesday called Green Rush. He’s also gotta new song we’ll play for you too. Check out all his work   .  We will have rapper Ms.Ex in studio and play some of her songs for you as well .  I heard we’re also gonna have a call in from rapper J Dash.

It’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day so why not sit by the fireplace warm up some grilled cheese and join me today while I put my tequila on ice.  I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.  Follow me on insta at http://www.instagram.com/el_walgreens



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