What’s Really Happening? 04/19/20

Hey everyone it’s Sunday April 19th the day before my bday,  and I am sure there’s a lot of people and things that want me to fail but nope I am still here and I don’t pay attention to failure so jokes on those people and things. It’s that guy that can’t handle his coffee without spilling it. That loser coming at you again, one things for sure you can count on is me to be here every Sunday noon to 3 to give you another show once again.  I’ve got singer Justin Llamas co-hosting with me. Follow him on everything at iamjustinllamas. We will start the show off properly with Pastor Greg Locke. He’s the lead pastor of Global Vision Bible church . You can find more info at  http://www.globalvisionbc.com.

The lead singer of the band Burning Bridges , Dreama Diaz will be in studio.  Rapper Blove Jones will be joining us in studio. Check out her hits on all major media outlets. Her latest hit is Greenlight. You can easily find it on Spotify. Burlesque star Miranda Blaze will be on the show talking about what she’s got going on. It just so happens to be on my birthday which is 4/20.  She’s doing Quarantine online variety shows. She’s found a way to bring the burlesque outside of the club and straight to your home or wherever you are which we will find out all about.  You can find  all her info on all the amazing things she does at http://themirandablaze.com I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on Insta at http://www.instagram.com/el_walgreens

Join me as we also celebrate National Hanging Out Day.


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