What’s Really Happening? 04/26/20

Join me on this very quite day Sunday April 26 noon to 3.  I’ll try to liven things up for you while you’re trapped in your house. I’ll have Denero co-hosting with me once again. We’re two guys that have a different meaning for the word sip. Especially on Sundays.  Rapper YoungDmo ThePrince will be joining us. Check him out on spotify and wherever you listen to music. He’s got his latest Ep called “Two-Three” which he came out with just in time for you to sip, Quarantine, Lockdown, or whatever you like to do. We will have Oakland resident musician  Panda Fuzzipants in studio. Let’s talk about the usual corona again. It’s all over the place and we’re tired of it. We’re gonna talk about music and the usual randomness as well. There’s so much I am sure we can cover and so much frustration with things being cancelled and people struggling.  Are we getting any real answers here? It’s also National Dissertation Day, we will find out what that means.  I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.  I’ve had some crazy people unfollow me on instagram lately so if you’re crazy or even if you’re sane feel free to follow me on insta at http://www.instagram.com/el_walgreens

I’ve got all kinds of great things on my Instagram from my favorite Bikini Baristas, live music, my oil wrestling videos, my bday freebie places, my mascot jobs, etc..


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