ON this show we play some heavy metal and reggaeton to get started. We also talk about my cats. Everyones heard me talk about my guinea pigs well now you can hear about my cats. I have a cat named Eddie who was actually sitting in a house one day as it was being robbed, great guy huh? He wasn’t very good at wrestling because Amy would always pin him down. He was the leader I guess because he taught the others about knocking on the door to be let in and out. My mom loved that cat but I thought he wasn’t very loyal because he’d spend a lot of time at other houses. Then there’s Polly , that cat loved sucking necks. The poor cat died by getting hit by a car, R.i.p Polly. There’s Shadow, the cat that had leukemia.  The last one left is Amy. I love this cat . Oh and usual we talk about how my job sucks. We have Groovy Judy http://instagram.com/_GroovyJudy . Talk about a way to mix music up huh.  She brings that positive happy music vibe. She brings the music that saves us, The MUSIC WE NEEEED!! Wait… and my moms on this show. It’s weird how normal this show sounds with my mom on. How’d we pull that off? I still don’t know why my mom wanted kids. I asked her once again on the show.  I am weird and it passes on in the jeans I swear. Groovy Judy plays an awesome song about being laid off. It kinda makes me get emotional inside. Follow me on insta at http://instagram.com/el_Walgreens

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