Tune in noon to 3 my guest is one of my favorite Authors Mark Cifford http://instagram.com/markrclifford . Go to http://www.TyphoonCoast.com you can see his face right when you go to the website. He’s a cool guy with some great stories which is what you’d want from an Author right great stories. Check out Typhoon Coast it’s like an adventure, it’s like a rollercoaster of a read.  You know right now all the theme parks are closed so this is probably the closest thing you’ll get to a wild ride. Check it out you don’t even have leave your couch to be on this ride too. He’s got some other books he’s working on so please check out the website. I also had Warner Todd Huston on the show http://instagram.comwarnertoddhuston. wow quite a convo with that guy.  The comedian homie Shannon Battle came through and rocked out with me Mark Clifford http://instagram.com/shannon_battle_funny. As usual Shannon packs the house with his comedy crew from Sac. If this guy doesn’t become everyone’s number one comic in a few yrs then I am overdosing on Milk.

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