What’s Really Happening? 10/20/19

 Tune in Sunday October 20th, noon to 3pm in studio 2b. This Sunday I’ve got comedian Pablo Yale in studio. This is his birthday celebration show.  I’ve got singer Ren Geisick in studio. I’ve got sensual dance and aerial artist Venus DelMar in studio. Check her out at VenusDelmar.com. I’ve also got host of the podcast coffee with confidence Amy Marie in the studio. I’ll also have Tybalt aka Babylon (he/him/they/them) founder and producer of DRRRTY QUEER the gender pop up strip club in the studio. Tybalt aka Babylon has been a stripper for 10yrs so the business is definitely nailed into memory.  We’re gonna talk about the DRRRTY QUEER, sex work, Fosta/Sesta, and white cis heteronormative beauty standards. Daphne Dorman was gonna be on this show. She’ll be missed. R.I.P Daphne Dorman, I’ll be thinking of you.  It’s International Chefs Day so let’s cook up something great. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.


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