CHeck out the show where it all starts. This is the story of me. It’s one of those stories that get people going did he or didn’t he? Either way it makes you go what the hell dude? Plus we’ve gotta guy on that afterwards I didn’t end up getting along with but listen to the story about the guy who beat off for a whole hour at work and then kept going it was in the worst places possible. When he got caught by his co-worker the guy pleaded with the guy to not tell anyone and his explanation was that he has 8 kids. He explained that in his frustration he has to let it out. Wow I do not want kids especially after hearing this because we’ll I only got blamed for doing something like this. I maybe famous for it but the fame isn’t warranted it. I didn’t do it. I definitely wouldn’t in that area, definitely not. I mix in some funny songs from rap, country , to soul to r n b.  This show is a life revival.

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