What’s Really Happening? 10/27/19


Tune in Sunday October 27th noon to 3pm in studio 2b. I’ve got Shannon Battle and peeps coming thru. We’ve got comedian Darin Fleming (D-Roc) , comedian Tina San Lucas, comedian Daniel Goff, and comedian Nicole Alexis coming thru. Malia Arrayah is coming thru , she’s one of the tallest female actresses, artists and body positive models in the world who just booked a role in Blood, Skulls and Chrome- a feature film coming out in 2021. She is a published author as well as artist living in the Bay Area. I am looking forward to her joining us. Anthony Alexander should also be joining us with some music. We’ve also got clown babe and very awesome burlesque star Lydia Wilts joining us.  I’ve also got Music by Lil Miss Hyphy 510. You can find her music on soundcloud, look her up under hyphybaybee. She’ll be joining us in studio. It sounds like she’s gotta lot to talk about. She’s a music artist, tattoo Artist, and body piercer hailing outta the East Bay.  Today is actually National Visit A Cemetary Day so please visit one of our many great cemeteries out here. Krystel POwitsky should be joining us in studio as well. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. You can find me on Instagram under El_Walgreens.




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