What’s Really Happening?


Tune in noon to 2 for my 100th show . I am excited to have singer Michelle Lambert on and rapper optimiztiq . I am excited!!  Both artists just got done with some pretty big performances. Michelle Lambert has recently become one of my favorite singers. You can look her up on any outlet.  She’s wicked on a violin and her voice is angelic. “My California” and “Warrior” are a couple dope hits of hers you can find videos of on YouTube.  She’ll be performing some hits for us. We will play some music by Optimiztiq and he’ll show us some of his mad free styling skills. He just performed at the Tech N9ne concert so that should give you a lil taste of his talent. He keeps it real and that’s what I like.  We’ll get into our usual randomness. We’ll talk about Halloween. We’ll talk about the rents to damn high!! Maybe we’ll play Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus again. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.


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