Listen to this show where I talk about my online dating experiences and I play some weird AL. I play some music kinda associated towards my online dating experiences . You’re gonna wanna hear this show this is the breaking off of Amanda Rocks where she leaves me to start her sex show. I talk about how Jaded I am . Comedian Thomas Mayfield is on the show. He brought on a woman named Domino . On this show Thomas wonders why he’s here I think and Domino seems to wanna leave. I’ve got the great Guys from Hat Trix Music in studio Chris Ruane (Hans) and Erc . We’ve got comedian No Facebook Faco in studio and Kyle Hoveland. You’re gonna wanna hear this I talk about my online dating stories and the woman who set herself on fire. Listen to the story about the guy in the alleyway that was stabbing himself and other painful stories.  We talk about blowing stuff , it’s fun. Oh and we talk about George Carlin and what does his brother do? Also we talk about what really is the edge of insanity anyways…hmm

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