On this show we talk about Bum wines and comedy. We also talk about some great hip hop. Wait… hold on I was soo blessed to have rapper Watzreal on this show. This guy is the real deal rap star holyfield . I could bump this guys music yrs from now. If you really peep into this guy he’s always changing up his style. He’s a humble dude too. He showed love to the sangria and Jameson. My co-host this show was Stella and I am your Host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.  Remember Cocaine is a helluva drug. OH and next up on the guest list I had on Shelley Elle. She’s a pole Dancer. She lets us know what that’s about. 40 is the new 20 is one thing we talk about here. That also makes me realize how long I’ve been doing this show damn. Shelly has some sexy boots on you can hear the amazement by our tone. Also I sound like a Zamboni in this show so thanks to Stella for evening out my voice. I believe this is the famous Comedian Walk out show too, Bye Stolowitz. Hey we have commercials on this show too.

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