What’s Really Happening?

Tune in Sunday Feb 3rd noon to 2pm  in studio 2b. The Superbowl matchup isn’t that exciting anyways, Well if you are watching it this would be a great halftime show. Hell you can even listen afterwards. Stella Tatola  will be co-hosting. You can catch her hosting karaoke at Neck Of the Woods in sf on Tuesday nights. We’ve got musician Bob Peek and also Brooks Dierker in the studio with some live performances , exclusives, and whatever music they got we’ll play it. They’re the stars of the show. Last rockers we had on brought the sexy rock, Brooks Dierker brings on the spicy…….music.
Brooks and company from Bay Area band, The HA, aka, The Human Assembly will be here to talk music, inspiration and about his mobile venue project he’s been building the last two years. Tune in to hear some of their Beach-Funk Americana sounds and where they’re headed next . Bob Peek is a hard working man laying down concrete on a daily basis, lover of comic books and a great musician it’s hard to put this guy in a box. He can do some great country, blues, some british invasion style and then what… science fiction. Check out his album Adventures In Science Fiction. Lately I’ve been bumping “My Good Dog, A Doobie , and You” on Spotify. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.


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