What’s Really Happening? 12/29/19 #152

Tune in noon to 3 this Sunday Dec 29 my guests will be comedians Shannon BattleNicole Alexis, and Tina San Lucas. I’ll also have on Ceo of In Real Life Apparel Meschelle Cockerham. I’ll be playing music from various artists to set the yr off, Music from dEANe , Dezz Da MaddHouzeYo And The ElectricJay Fedy and ApeCity Reem, Denero, Tony GoreBella MartriceMike Lamb (DJ Loot) and SyrenDenzel Ngaf DavisBlonde ToledoErica Sunshine LeeCeleste Kellogg, I’ll also definitely play some music by Hat Trix.  Robert Peralta Aka Denero will be stopping by. Oh and of course Christina McGold will be joining us yay. She knows alot about stem cells and she’s gonna fill us in on all she knows plus her encounters with comedian Shannon Battle. On this show we’ll be talking about sex, relationships, cancer,  movies, music, cars, comedy, We’ll be discussing this past yr and the yr to come, etc.. It’s also National YMCA Day so we’ll be discussing a bit about that. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.  Follow me on Instagram at el_Walgreens.


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