What’s Really Happening?

Welcome to another episode of the What’s Really Happening show. For those that have been wondering , yes my court case is over and I am all clear. I can leave that in 2016. Being the righteous person I am the outcome showed that I wasn’t the person I was being painted as. Too celebrate that I have a great show planned for you today Sunday January 22nd. I hope it goes excellent. To start off the show I have the talented Jasmine Fuego coming through to sing for us. Then I’ve got the great comedians Kevin Wong and Hence Singleton joining  us. Chrispy Chreme will also be joining us again. Of course tho, I am your host Luke Walgreens and joined by my always on time co-host Sebastian Vego. You should tune in , I promise you’ll find something rewarding out of it. We’ll also talk about movies and current events.


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