What’s Really Happening?

 Tune in Sunday September 22nd, noon to 3pm in studio 2b. Robert Peralta aka Denero will be in studio. He’s gotta bday coming up so I just had to have him on because well who knows what’ll happen after his bday . We’ve got Jennifer Long and The Infamous Swanks in the studio. Gorelesque Star Jessica Jazzmin will be in studio. She’s a Gorelesque performer with Scream Queens Gorelesque,  she owns a nonpofit  youth center and she’s very active in the LGBTQ rural community in El Dorado County. Her nonprofit youth center is called The Hub Placerville. We’ll also have Donna J. Wolfe and Hanna Music in studio. We’ll definitely be playing some great music from Hanna.  Join me on National White Chocolate Day. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. You can find me on Instagram at el_walgreens.


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